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fast teamword Übersetzungen


    A typical workflow involves four parties: customer, project manager, translator and editor.


      Why fast teamword?
      • Long-term customer relationhips
      • Designated contacts
      • Reliable project management
      • Structured workflow

Customer Relations

Our customers appreciate the fact that all of their projects are managed by long-standing members of our project management teams. This commitment to personal service is an added value to customer relationships, and we are proud of the many years that our customers have confided in us.

No matter how complex or urgent a request may be, we deliver on-time and on-promise. Always bearing in mind our customers’ individual market- and audience-specific requirements. Updates to previously completed projects can be accomplished quickly and cost-efficiently – thanks to translation memory-based tools, only new copy is charged for at the full rate.

ProjeCt management

Regular customers are assigned the same contacts, thus ensuring that the project owner is aware of the customer’s overall localization requirements. We pay close attention to our customers’ needs – it is essential that we think along the same lines to achieve best quality. New members to the project management teams receive extensive training to maintain the high standards we set for our work.

As a rule, we apply the four-eyes principle to every text we localize. Project managers are constantly involved throughout the entire localization process, and no file is delivered without a final in-house review. In combination with the deployment of CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) tools, our approach ensures quality and consistency by maintaining stylistic and structural requirements as well as adhering to existing and/or approved terminology.