Translation and Localization:
Excellent Quality. Dedicated Service. Conclusive Results.

Efficient. Motivated. Ambitious.

fast teamword Übersetzungen

    • Founded in 1987

    • Core activities in the 1990s: Translation and localization (incl. DTP) of IT, engineering, medical, marketing/advertising content in several European languages

    • From the early 1990s: Integration of early database-driven translation tools in the localization workflow

    • Recruiting and diversification of staff as a result of a rapidly growing customer base, increasing order volumes and new requirements

    • April 1998: Establishment of fast teamword Übersetzungen GmbH

    • From 2000: Acquisition of international key accounts and development of new services and offerings

    • »Brainware«: In-house project managers, translators and editors as well as a pool of professional freelancers who have been supporting us for many years


Language is a human trait. And humans thrive in company. Our experienced and graduate translators – both in-house and freelance, at home and abroad – appreciate and apply the principles of professional collaboration. They are proficient in their native and target languages. And most importantly: They are loyal, sympathetic, dedicated, creative…and actually quite a nice bunch of people!

Please meet our in-house »brainware« – the team!


In short: Our aim is to meet the highest standards and deliver superior translation quality.

To be precise: We believe that translation implies more than the mere transfer of words from one language to another. It is essential that linguistic and cultural differences as well as regional requirements and conventions are taken into account. And that is what we deliver. The long-term members of our team know their trade and are fully aware of and receptive to customers’ business needs. All tasks related to a specific project or customer are managed by the same staff, ensuring optimum control and consistency. Quality assurance is a matter of course. Tight deadlines, custom requests and challenging topics bring out the best in us. We think along the same lines as our customers. We read between the lines, and make sure that a message is received as intended.

The loyalty and satisfaction of customers who for many years have relied on the quality and efficiency of our work are proof that we have succeeded in realizing our vision.